How to Get Women for Casual Dating & Flirting

This is the first real opportunity to get to know this woman. You want to be involved in a casual and fun activity that allows interaction with her. You want to find out if she is someone you’d like to go out with again. She will be figuring out that same thing, so you want to be yourself.


Don’t be overly emotional, or romantic. At this point you want to be cute, and allude to your willingness to get involved. Don’t pick her up in a limo and present her with a dozen roses, dinner at an expensive restaurant and a serenaded dance in the moonlight. This only works in the movies. In real life it would likely scare a woman away.

Don’t go overboard or spend too much money on the first date. Use this date to feel the connection between you. This is when you are building a relationship with her. You want to find out more about this woman and what you have in common. You need to relax and be comfortable around her and evaluate her potential. Decide if you want to see her again, or if one date is enough with this woman. You don’t want to waste time and money taking out a woman that you don’t want or won’t have fun with.

If you are really interested in this woman, then you can work on building sexual chemistry. However, for your first date you don’t want to be too forward with your sexual interest. You want to flirt with her, and give her attention, but you don’t want to offend her with sexual advances! If you really like her, show her through subtle gestures like putting your hand on her back while she walks slightly ahead of you, or by giving her shoulder massage. Just take the time to check her out. Do not pressure a woman to become sexual too soon.

How to Casual Flirt with Single Women

If you are looking for a one-night stand then you should probably change your approach and your expectations. All good things come to those who wait; this is true for the good women, too. You have to understand that a woman with morals and/or values will want to trust a man and get to know him before going to bed with him.

For the average guy, other than partying, playing sports and hanging out with friends, flirting is one the best experiences he loves getting into. Who would not agree with the idea that flirting is a fun activity that helps in building and confidence between boys and girls?

Flirting, just like most activities, requires a guy to practice being a fast thinker and being unpredictable. A guy has to build his interpersonal skills to be able to successfully win a girl over, among other traits.

Have a little sense of humor. Humor is one of the best weapons to use to attract girls. Without humor, casual conversations would be bland, boring and uninteresting. How then can you expect a girl to like you if you don’t have a cheery side to you? Girls want to be happy often and at most times, they seek this from a guy. If you know how to make her laugh often or if you know how to make her feel good, you will most likely make her fall in love with you even faster. If you want to be an effective flirt, then learn to be interesting, funny, and entertaining.


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