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OK Lets go.

Blonde,175cm, Little heavier than I'd like. Like to keep active and het out dancing - and yeah I mean dance, not 'bop up and down' - when ever I can.

I don't take kindly to fools, or those that try and make fools out of others for their own ammusment.

Two things that are at the forefront of everything I do:
1- Manners cost nothing.
2- No one else can 'make' you feel anything or anyhow ... you did it to your own sorry arse!
Looking for
Simple ...

My partner has told me to go find a mistress... she has full knowlege and will know of any contacts, meetings or activites ;)

Anyone who can be themselves and arn't afraid of just jumping into what they want, without all the pompous BS that goes along with political and social correctness.

Also ladies that enjoy recieving extended pleasure and not afraid to refuse anything more till they are sassified are always far more interesting ;)