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Dating and one night stand are two different terms.  There is a lot of difference between dating. Given below are the features of dating. Nightstands is just a one-time thing. Both of them get into mood. If everything is proper and falls in place, the night is spent together. It becomes the end of the story. It is mainly for cheating lovers and singles. It is also known as “bit on the side”.

Many a times the long term partner or spouse is betrayed repeatedly. Sometimes one night stand can be described as second relationship that runs parallel to first one. Both of them know very less about each other. However, the escapade remains one-off.

Singles Women One Night Stands

Casual dating is very different. The daters usually know each other for many years. Sometimes they are in the process of knowing each other. It is not restricted to night stands. Dating takes place only if there is a match between desires and profiles.  The members get active themselves and there is a lot of assurance between the two. Casual dating is a new culture for women, men and couples.

It is only for those who look for occasional pleasure and intimacy. It is something better than a one night stand. However, it is not necessary that all casual dates turn into long-term relationships. Casual dating is about passion in singles online. On the other hand one night stand is all about sophisticated and refined passion. Openness and honesty are very essential if one wishes to fulfill his desires.

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Intimate desires cannot always be voice during dating. But it is surely possible during night encounters. Dating doesn’t work with cheat and dishonesty. Many a times it happens that casual daters become long term partners. One night stand takes place if one wishes to experience some change in his daily love life, but does not wish to change the partner.

Variety is invited in their intimate relationship. Casual dates play a great role here. But not to forget the desire, intimacy, fantasies and sensuality that are associated with sexual encounters. Casual dates are not only restricted to couples. They are open to single women and men as well. With sexual encounters, a lot of physical desires can be satisfied.


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